Kitui county PR has failed to tame propaganda

Kitui County governor addresses audience at earlier event.

At the onset of devolved functions everyone including the media was on the same boat sailing in tandem with the county government. KituiOnline included, we all enjoyed working as a team towards living the devolution dream.

Sadly it wasn’t long before the boat started hitting the rocks, things started taking a different shape when the image team relaxed and assumed all will be well through the four years.

Concerned residents would make numerous emails/calls requesting for basic information regarding the county government but all these went unanswered.

Although the governor has proved to be a laggard, digital savvy PR team does nothing to back him up.

Because no one has monopoly of ideas, we appreciate the fact that the governor is clueless about online and social media propaganda but this is why his team exists.

The PR team should have his back, moving swiftly to provide their boss with soft landing after every critic’s blow.

They seem to have taken a back seat judging from the wild unlimited propaganda, audios, political noisemakers in the social media world that the team has failed to tame.

The only thing that the team manages to do is to to assign junior workers the task of looking for vocal youths out there.

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