Malombe’s relatives chocking the county payroll.

Kitui County Governor Julius Malombe during a press conference at his office. Photo/File

By Guest commentator

Lisemwalo lipo, kama halipo laja. Tafakari ya babu.

Although the county government has continually dismissed claims of nepotism and tribalism in it’s hiring. Some employees in the county payroll are said to have been entered long before they were interviewed.

The governor has blatantly disregarded human resource laws and procedures by giving instructions to hire his cronies and relatives reducing the board to a yes-boy that take orders from the governor and the executive has well followed suit.

Kitui County governor seems to be on a mission to ensure that every last of his kinship is squeezed into the already choking county’s payroll despite regulations basing hiring process regional balance, employment by merit and qualifications .

Word has it that the county’s official “printer” is a sister to the governor, second body guard to governor calls him uncle, driver to an executive member calls governor his uncle, driver to one of the governor’s chase cars calls him uncle too. Your bet then is as good as mine.

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We no longer talk about the Public Service Board boss because he seems to only imitate his immediate boss by hiring 99% of his family members including his neighbor who is purported to have had no clue about steer wheel, gear, signals but he now drives county vehicles with impunity.

Does this therefore mean, for our brothers and sisters to be employed in the County government we must first elect them as governors?.
I rest my case.

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