Musila and Ngilu urged to meet villagers and avoid politics of propaganda

Former Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Kaluki Ngilu (left) and Kitui Senator David Musila consult during a funeral service last year. Photo/Nation

Some Kitui residents have taken to social media to warn gubernatorial aspirants against dancing to the music of propaganda and rather concentrate on highlighting their strengths ahead of the 2017 general elections.

Many have bashed Musila and Ngilu following their recent attacked they have launched against the incumbent governor, the residents say they are the first hand beneficiaries of the county government development projects and have witnessed a number of life-changing projects over the last three years of devolution.

The residents have expressed their disappointments in what they term as cheap politics being played by the two veteran politicians eyeing the governor’s seat in Kitui County.

“In my ward there are projects this man (Musila) is just politicking. He needs to face villagers who are witnesses of projects down at the grassroots. These projects are touching lives of less privileged and that is what matters.” One of the residents wrote on a watsapp group in which the these leaders are members.

“If you are not seeing projects you must be an elite who benefited from corrupt Kitui leaders who didn’t do much for so many years but every time it was their turn to eat, well, not any more.‬” The message went on.

Another joined in to share his sentiment blaming the leader for being in government for way too long but nothing can be written home about them.

“I do not remember seeing them in my village. They started coming down this year. They had big names nationally, but could not mingle with the “great unwashed”. Yet now they are acting like they “enjoy” mixing with the people. These people must be thinking we were born blind, deaf, dump and we just developed our senses and brains in 2016. I mean, seriously?‬”A rather offended resident retorted.

Clearly the gubernatorial aspirants hoping to dethrone the siting governor have a thick fight they need to settle with the residents before they can brave the county boss.

Many residents are unhappy with the style of politics that has been adopted by rival teams seeking to unseat the incumbent governor.

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