Things getting rosy for Incoming Township MCA

Kitui Township ward aspirant Tabby with her new ride

The incoming Kitui Township MCA Wangari Mutunge had a new baby, the politician who recently ditched Malombe’s camp has now acquired a brand new ride.

Wangari Mutunge who is popularly known as Tabby, a 2017 township MCA aspirant is rumored to have rewarded herself with a brand new Mazda Demio.

The young politician defected from Ngilu’s team to team Malombe just a few days later, after the IFMIS opened its door to the county government administrations to do what they know best.

Though we do not want to speculate as there is no data to show the IFMIS game was played, haters purport that the famous undercover game could have been key in securing the ride.

However, the aspirant has since decamped to Mama Rainbow’s political turf as she prepares to comb the township lobbying for support as the incoming MCA. The black brand new baby doll indeed comes in handy.

It’s not clear what could have triggered the move but clearly politics is always a pata potea. We wish the new kid on the block all the luck.

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