A former Kyuma’s freak and tenderpreneur vents out in public


Things seem to have gone south for one tenderprenuer who used to entice supporters promising hefty rewards for those who agreed to join #TeamKyuma just a while ago.

The young Kyuma enthusiast and former team leader must have realized he was being played before he swiftly retaliated in a rather absurd manner.

The poor guy has now changed tact and has since decamped to Musila’s court.

In a series of social media posts, he wrote a quite telling open letter to his former idol; Here is the thread, we let you be the judge;

“Who is this malombe is he God of Kitui County? Your COs, you, everyone corrupt.

Are you senior than statehouse operatives who I can call and interrupt? Congratulations Musila you always answer my calls. Infact I just sent Malombe a text, am waiting for his response. There is only one God in heaven the rest are human beings. It baffles me why people want to be worshipped, this is impossible.‬

Fredrick Muli CO Health, you are a great dissapointment. How on earth would you pretend not to know what happens in your office?. Is your office giving youth 30% procurement opportunities? You one of the most dissapointing COs in malombe’s administration.‬

Tuff, bure kabisa you need to understand what’s actually happening in Malombe’s admnistration. People don’t know their work. They always want youth to beg, bow down. I will never bow only to God.‬

Its disturbing to realize some of these COs have specific contractors that they give tenders‬

Why would an educated person be reduced to look like a beggar? We will now demand 30% as anchored in the affirmative action put in place recently.‬

When we talk about change, this is real it’s not a story.‬

From my consultations I heard Mombasa retreat cost the county millions, why would they not have it in Parkside or Resort to cut the cost? This is gross corruption. The aftermath of the conference is collosal disappointment. They agreed they will build dams in every ward. What for? Embezlement, this is a way of transferring money to individual pockets‬

I Lumumba, will never sit back or tolerate blackmail from anyone. You can decide not to give the youth those opportunities if you like, but understand this is not the only option, we got credentials we can work anywhere we like.‬

This is people’s tax you are wasting in Mombasa without consulting them. The poor must rise against this sickening leadership and vanquish it mercilessly.‬”

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