First mango processing factory benefiting mango farmers in Kitui County

Mango farming becoming a lucrative business in the county.

Kitui county farmers have invested quite a lot of efforts in mango farming and definitely their hard work seems to be paying off. Less than a year after the first mango processing plant was setup in Kitui county farmers are reaping value for their products, 89pc of whom are women farmers.

A company that started as a mango value chain project for women farmers in Kitui district and was initially sponsored by the Farm Africa and ACT has now grown to a profit making entity, Kitui Enterprise Promotion Company Limited which is a Kitui Development Centre’s outfit.

The company has been processing mango juice, mango powder, mango flakes and mango fortified flour.

The company has since increased incomes from commercialized agricultural value chains to the improved livelihoods of more than 800 women small-scale farmers in Kitui County through utilizing appropriate technologies, knowledge, skills and available resources.

Experts say Kitui county has an ideal climate for the farming of all types of fruits including mangoes, lemons, guavas, oranges, bananas, water melons and pawpaws and farmers seem to be taking full advantage.

County government has also showed support to all types of farmers in the county including the fruits, poultry and dairy ones.

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