Gubernatorial race “Lesson 101”.

Kitui gubernatorial aspirants, Sen. David Musila, Former CS Charity Ngilu and Gov. Julius Malombe

Kitui residents have asked gubernatorial aspirants to tone down the rhetoric on archaic politics of pointing fingers at each other as it is becoming unfashionable.

Residents have said what is being seen are cases of double standards.

Some leaders shout at the top of their voices accusing the other party of what they have failed to do or what they have done the wrong way yet on the other hand they forget that they are leaders too with equally failed expectations.

“We are asking and appealing to our leaders, whom we elected to different positions of power to stop these politics of blame game and spreading hatred. I wonder what they fight over and we elected them in different offices to serve us.” A resident wondered.

Residents have said there is need for mature politics that is based on personal capacity and not waging attacks on opponents to gain leverage.

“A leader must be confident in what they have delivered to the people during their reign in whatever position they served and use that to lobby for support. That way we will give them ample time and political goodwill.” Another resident argued.

The latest trend has only but hurt each gubernatorial aspirant, we are yet to see other tribes act like this, why are Kikuyus for example never heard attacking each other, when presidential aspirants Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth lost their bids they were contented because they got their own. We should borrow a leaf.

The residents have dismissed “long lectures” delivered by opponents on how bad the other is saying they have enough knowledge and practical examples and it is now up to them to decide who takes the crown.

The heated discussion went down on one of the most active political Whatsapp groups as people expressed disappointment in the new trend of politics.

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