Township MCA aspirant defects to Team Kyuma

The Kitui Township MCA Aspirant Wangari Mutunge aka Tabby

Little known to many but a very ambitious woman Wangari Mutunge aka Tabby is one of upcoming Kitui Township MCA aspirants and also doubles as a ‘PA’ to one of Kitui Central Parliamentary aspirant, she is said to have defected from Mama Rainbow’s court to team Kyuma, the political camp being steered by the incumbent Governor.

Team Kyuma is growing day in day out and its pulling more followers to its turf that appears to have a upper hand ahead of the 2017 general elections.

She has been in Ngilu’s team for the longest time and it’s not clear what exactly triggered the move but she was quoted expressing her distress in Ngilu’s team although she is a close personal friend to Mama who is eyeing the Kitui governor seat.

She complained of being sidelined by the gubernatorial aspirant despite being a die-hard supporter of her ambitions.

She said she was disappointed with the Former Lands CS having invited different leaders at her Ithookwe home and she was never in the list a while back.

She posted this on social media where she received split reactions from both her friends as well as her opponents.

One Mutinda (not real his name) took Tabby to task to explain her timely decision to decamp insinuating that her decision had a correlation with the opening of governments new financial year.

“No bro, but sielewi Team Twiga wamewekea Tabby IFMIS before Mimi aje?” Another opponent questioned mocking her new move.

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