Unbelievable: Governor Malombe and his mother are said to not see eye to eye

Kitui County Governor at his office. Photo/File

KituiOnline team has for a long time been following on a rumor that touches on our county boss Dr. Julius Malombe.
The Kitui County governor is said to have exchanged bitter words with his mother after he allegedly ordered the police to arrest his deceased brother’s children whom he accused of stealing from him.

According to our sources the rumor is true. It all started when Dr Julius Malombe started fencing his home and suddenly a chain link roll went missing.

The first suspects according to Malombe were the children of his deceased brother who were immediately arrested and were locked in the cells for four days before the community threatened to calls for demonstration against the governor’s baseless allegations.

A rift has since grown between Malombe and his mother, it is said the two no longer talk nor shake hands.

The relatively aged mom was quite disappointed with her son Malombe and did not hesitate to share her disappointment.

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The mum reproached the governor for taking advantage of his position to torture her orphaned innocent grandchildren.

It has been rumored that since the incidence happened the Governor and his mom no longer talk nor see face to face, our efforts to unravel the truth reveals as much.

The Kitui governor mum has apparently been upset for how the county boss has continually mistreated his deceased brother’s children.

Malombe has a few other sibling who are not well of, one of them is the deceased brother Mulatya and one Nguthu.

One Kiema Kimuli is said to have bailed out the young children from the police who have since been released and allegations dropped.

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