Biting water shortage has turned into a crisis in Kitui town.

Water shortage has become a crisis in Kitui Town.

Kitui residents have appealed to the county government to quickly intervene over biting water shortage that has hit the town over the past close to a week saying the local service provider has failed to resolve the matter.

Kitui town residents have for the last one week been hit by a severe water shortage. Residents have no option but to buy water at privately owned boreholes at exorbitant prices.

Site estate resident Winnie Mweke yesterday said she has to wake up at 6am to queue for water at a well before she goes to work. She said a 20-litre container goes for Sh25, saying she now has to spend Sh150 on water every day since the taps went dry more than a week ago.

For the lucky few who have wells within their residents, they have been forced to scramble for water every morning at the already drying up wells within their homes. “I queue for at least one hour before I can get water and most of us get to work late as a result,” John a resident at Jica estate said.

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An insider at Kitui Water and Sewerage Company who talked to KO warned residents to prepare for harder times as the shortage is as a result of huge electricity bill that has accrued after the county government took too long to settle forcing Kenya Power to swing to action.

“We need water solution in our dear county, any leader who will be able to address water problem and provide solution is the leader the people of Kitui are looking for. Despite paying for water every month, the local water authority had turned a blind eye.” An agitated resident said.

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