Public outcry over unfair preference by the county boss

Kitui Governor Julius Malombe addressing Mutito residents during a funds drive at Mutito Catholic Church. Photo/Nation

Kitui residents have questioned the move by the Kitui County Governor to contribute a whooping Kshs. 5.5M to a school harambee at Itoloni Girls Sec School while a week earlier, him and his economic adviser only gave a meagre 50K to another school harambee at Kamandio Secondary school.

Many have come out to blame the incumbent over according special preference to some regions, they argue that it is a political move to woo for votes.

“The move was politically instigated, it is unbelievable that one school could be given a 50K while the other would get thousand fold of the same from the same leader, it is unfair because we all know what the two schools need are almost the same.” A resident from Kamandio quite saddened by the news lamented.

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