Kitui MCAs got a way of joyriding

Some of Members of Kitui County Assembly dance along during a function in Kitui.

By @Antoh_Muinde | KituiOnline

What does this title mean? Your guess is as good as mine.

“We are together only for this period, once campaign period officially sets in you will realize that a huge number of MCAs do not share same political ideologies with the incumbent Dr Julius Malombe ” a group of three MCAs (names withheld) had this to share with their barber in Kitui.

Assuming that this is the representation of the other members of County Assembly then Governor needs to starts working on different mechanism of getting people’s vote.

A source close to KituiOnline tells us Governor is a ‘dictator’ and he’s always mounting pressure on the MCAs among other officials and that’s why they decide to stay in the house in order to reap all benefits.

Governor has been on record telling the MCAs to tag on his track record in order to sail through for another term saying his track record is huge, but it appears that some MCA are not ready to buy into his ideologies.

If the conversation happening is anything to go by, then the MCAs could be split at the centre as far as the incumbent is concerned. Many are those that are just mark timing waiting for politics to gain momentum.

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