Malombe’s administration is looking for political sycophants.


In the race to 2017 Governor Julius Malombe is casting a wide net in the hope to capture enough support for his re-election to his second term.

There is talk that Malombe is crafting a new move seeking to convert vocal people opposed to Kitui county government to campaign for him.

One of “Malombe’s contractor” disclosed to KO that they had been given mandate to hunt for these influencers.

The plan, according to the insider who attended one of their secret meetings revealed that Malombe’s main men have been given duties to fish for political noisemakers in Kitui County.

One senior county official very close to the governor has had meetings with some individuals whom he has promised hefty rewards including ’employment’ if they agree to shift camps and become Malombe’s political sycophants.

The said targets are the most vocal youth who will be tasked with drumming support for the county boss and ‘dealing’ with those opposed to county government.

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The senior officer has however, been playing hide and seek with the youth, promising to engage them more after having unlimited meetings with different youths telling them to hype Malombe’s talk for numerous rewards in return.

Some of these youth tipped that they have had fruitless meetings with the official in major hotels in town that include Kafoca restaurant, Heritage hotel and Moonlight.

The only miscalculation that the said official is doing is cheat the youths that they will engage them and end up being frustrated.

This is a poor strategy that is likely to highly cost the team, as many youth have complained saying the same will be used against their candidate come 2017 politics.

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