Malombe’s name being trolled in mud by his cronies

Kitui County Governor at his office. Photo/File

Although governor Malombe has tried to steer away from the dirty world of corruption his cronies and officers have continued to slowly drag him into the mud.

Among the three gubernatorial aspirants Malombe has been viewed as the cleanest with Charity Ngilu an ex minister in the Jubilee administration being trailed by numerous corruption allegations that led to her suspension while Musila is accused of grabbing land in the town centre.

Malombe has in several occasions stated that Charity Ngilu is corrupt and she cannot be entrusted with county’s resources but as it appears his team is topping in the vice.

People around him are the dirtiest and are likely to spill the same into his campaign.

When Kitui Governor initiates development projects, without doubt the amount of cash that goes to individuals pockets is more than what goes to the contractor’s.

Some of indications in our possession for instance is a sum of 9 million that is said to have been transferred into a personal account at family bank in the name of payment for a civic education exercise under the watch of the county finance boss.

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Another officer known as Mulei receives a certain percentage from operator of tractors/earthmovers belonging to county government whenever they carry out tasks outside the county’s work to a tune of Kshs 10,000.

Chief officer of health is alleged to be involved in irregular procurement practices, for instance he is said to have recently given at least three tenders to his friends, where he asked for a share in each.

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