Musila should prepare for a tough battle

Kitui Senator David Musila

Guest Commentator

Kitui Senator David Musila alias Bwana Meko should know that it will not be bed of roses as his political noisemakers are portraying.

The veteran politician who is believed to be quite aged has been riding on his popularity and long service in the public as an advantage to unseat the incumbent governor but reading from what’s trending, the perennial politician must prepare for a thick fight. Malombe is likely to give Musila a good run for his money.

Political ‘goons’ as they are referred to as by Malombe’s supporters seem to think that politics is only done in a bedsitter room but it’s more than that.

Kitui Senator will have it rough as he is relying on youths who are believed to have been ‘purchased’.

Governor Malombe on the other hand has the advantage of county resources ranging from human resources to money. The projects undertaken by the county government over the last few years have seemingly converted many.

Governor Malombe is in record contributing close to KES 6,000,000 to a school a move believed to be political.

Musila must therefore brave for a tight battle and play his cards wisely as chances are quite slim.

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