Kitui County Youth engage in a bitter exchange of words over best suit governor 2017

Senator David Musila and Kitui Youth Chairman Aggrey Nzomo join in dancers during a function in Kitui over the weekend.

Its an irony that Mwingi youth have come out to declare their displeasure in the conduct of their very own gubernatorial candidate, Senator David Musila.

Musila who comes from Mwingi West has been faulted by Mwingi youth who accuse him of undermining them and instead focusing on Kitui youth to drum for support ahead of 2017.

They have criticized the aspirant for tactfully sidelining his own youth and coercing Kitui block youths to support his bid.

According to Ben Muli a youth leader who spoke on behalf of the Mwingi youth after they held a consultative meeting in Mwingi Town, clearly Mwingi Youth are not ready to support Musila’s bid.

Ben said Musila is a leader who has no vision for the county youth, he said Musila has nothing to show for his many years in power and his advanced age betrays him.

“As Mwingi Youth we are not ready to support a 86 year-old for a governor, neither are we ready to see a dictator raise to power who has no vision for Kitui but only selective self-centred goals.”

“If the people of Kitui make the mistake of electing Musila, then we the Mwingi region risk being sidelined for the next five years.” Ben says Musila has openly said he will punish Mwingi people.

According to Ben Mwingi youth are drumming support for the incumbent Malombe who they believe has a game plan that incorporates the youth and has tangible development record, recounting his intervention in the health, roads and water sector.

However, Ben’s remarks have not been received well by the Kitui Youth leadership.

Youth leader Benson Kitoo has rubbished Ben’s comments saying he is a challenged youth that has no social, moral or legal mandate to speak on behalf of the youth apart from only himself.

“He is both tactually and morally challenged when it comes to matters law and that’s why he is talking of creation of Mwingi county by 2022 under Malombe leadership. This is both ignorant and stupid to say the least but remember ‘You Cannot Underestimate the Unity of Fools’.” Ben wrote in response.

Benson says Mwingi youth have nothing to show to proof that under Malombe arms they are socially, economically and generally all round empowered. Saying he is a perfect case study of how a disempowered young man looks like.

Water scarcity continues to bite hard in rural Kitui County.

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