Water scarcity continues to bite hard in rural Kitui County.

Water scarcity causing sleepless nights to residents in the rural Kitui.

“The water problem in Kitui County is a hill that the governor has decided not to climb.” Posted a concerned resident on social media, complaining of how his rural area has been sidelined when it came to issues of water accessibility.

The annoyed resident criticized the governor for sitting pretty on his executive chair on a red carpet and air conditioned office comfortably seeping branded Dasani water while his electorates trek long distances stretching beyond 60kms in search of the precious commodity.

“It’s so unfortunate, sad and horrifying to note that people walk over 60 Kms in search of the precious commodity while it actually supposed to be at their door step with the devolved government. As I type this, I can’t comprehend the fact that people from, Endau , Malalani ward have to go all the way to Nuu in search of water. Truly Unbelievable!” He writes.

“When will the governor start working for the people not his people? When will he realize that Kitui is greater that few tender-preneurs, close family friends and his chums? When will we see a servant of the people not a master of the people?” He questioned.

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This is definitely a desperate cry for help that the governor has no option but beckon to with speed to save the situation.

Water problem is an issue that has been long overdue and its time that the Kitui county government prioritized it or it will be used against it by the opposition.

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