A job-hunt billboard pays off for a desperate 28-years old graduate

Patrick Muthomi displays his job-hunt billboard.

“I did an interview with Chandaria Industry for an accountant position. They gave a practical question and I passed,” he said. “I have since filled an employment form and by September 1st, I will be starting my new job.” Said Muthomi a rejuvenated 28-year-old Chuka University graduate.

The daring Muthomi had camped on the roadside with a job-hunt billboard since August 10 claiming he had been fed-up with the typical job search style and the billboard was only his last hope to make ends meet.

Now the young man a husband and a father of one has a reason to smile after his billboard that went viral on social media caught the eye of three companies followed who later invited him for an interview securing an opportunity with Chandaria Industries.

The former secondary school business teacher said that from the three companies that invited him for an interview, only one showed interest in hiring his services.

Muthomi said he started receiving calls after 30 minutes while at Muthaiga road. Calls that rejuvenated his spirit and increased his hope and after three days he had over 1,122 calls, 601 SMS with some people sending their email addresses for him to forward his CV.
Is this the new trend that thousands of stranded graduates should adopt in order to secure a job? Well nothing comes easy as Muthomi puts it. He had to endure equal criticism from people that accused him of being desperate but he chose to remain undeterred.

Source: E-daily

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