A police chopper crashes shortly after take-off, injures two at Wilson Airport.

Photo of the police chopper after it came down at Wilson Airport.

A chopper that was taking off at Wilson Airport with an instructor and a trainee was reported to have gone down yesterday August 22 at around 1 pm. It is not clear what caused the accident but pictures of the chopper after the crash showed its tail broken.

The two people who were airborne for a training session sustained minor injuries and were taken to hospital.

“The helicopter reg 5Y-COP was in good condition at the time of the incident. Emergency services were mobilized at the scene after the incident which also affected the taking off and landing of planes.” An official told Standard Digital.

The chopper belongs to the National Police Service; the police helicopters provide air support to ground forces including tactical reconnaissance, night reconnaissance, air observation, and casualty evacuation, especially in remote areas.

Source: Standard Digital

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