Farmers advised to diversify into chicken rearing to counter erratic rains.

Sabina a chicken farmer at her home in Kitui.

Farmers across the county still build thriving farms even when the rains are unpredictable after hatching into the new chicken business.

One farmer a 43-year-old mother of five identified as Sabina said she is now able to rear chicken for business instead of being totally dependent on good rains to produce a plentiful harvest, Sabina has been attending Farm Africa training sessions on chicken rearing so that she’ll have another source of income if the rains are late or erratic.

“I have been keeping chickens for two seasons. Now I have 38 chicks and have separated four hens so they can lay more eggs.” She says.

“In addition to selling eggs, I have been able to use some for home consumption. Before I couldn’t afford to buy eggs but now they are part of our diet and are contributing to the health of my family.” Sabina adds.

With her chickens supplying a steady stream of income regardless of the weather, Sabina can use money that she’d have previously used to buy food to invest in her business and pay her children’s school fees as she expands her business.

The farm has been encouraging the local community to engage in poultry farming as a good way to make money saying chicken is equal wealth.

Source: Farm Africa.

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