Charcoal burning Kitui County future to ashes.

    Lorries packed in Kitui town on route to Nairobi.

    It is a fact that trees are the lungs of the earth. When trees breathe, they take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen in return clearly there is an inseparable harmonious relationship between trees and human beings.

    Simply put, trees clean up the air that we breathe of some of the most dangerous gasses they therefore maintain environmental balance and thereby make our lives enjoyable and sustainable.

    Thus cutting down a single tree endangers the lives of a hundred people, mark you we have not mentioned their natural benefits and the destroying of the wild-life habitat.

    Sadly, nature does not forgive,nonetheless our people are delving dangerously into this road of no return.

    The rate at which trees are being harvested for charcoal in Kitui county is worrying, the future of our children and grandchildren is indeed under threat.

    Kitui County could lose the rest of its forest cover in the next few years, the county’s entire forests will be gone, unless dramatic steps are taken to reverse the situation.

    The imagination will definitely send chills down the spine of whoever cares about the future.

    “Hacking down a living tree to produce charcoal, one is initiating endless cycles of murder no one can ever tell. The logger is innocently condemning the lives of uncountable species of living things.” Anonymous writer.

    This statement could not be so far from the future of Kitui county if the deadly practice that is benefiting only few individuals does not stop immediately.

    Experts have calculated that a hectare of well-working forestry annually absorbs about 6.5 tons of carbon dioxide while releasing 3.5 to 5 tons of oxygen.But no one is sounding an alarm not even the county governrment.

    A fleet of 10 lorries was spotted yesterday August 23 in Kitui ferrying tones of charcoal. Who should be blamed for this?

    What worries the more is that people from the Mount Kenya region who for obvious reasons cannot burn charcoal in their region are enticing rural peasant farmer to cuts down and burn their very own source lives.

    It is appalling that charcoal barons from Mt Kenya have cajoled local County officials who have permitted the deadly business while using local people who are paid meagre compensations for ripping every little of their breathe.

    It was much better to allow sand harvesting than charcoal burning that risks the lives of the people. How long does it take for a tree to get to that stage where it becomes a charcoal product?

    And when you pose to think about all this, you could say tree fellers and their accomplice should perhaps use the timber for making their own coffins beforehand.

    Sacks of charcoal ready for ferrying.
    Sacks of charcoal ready for ferrying.
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