Malombe kwo wolilwe

Kitui County governor Julius Malombe and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

A little known Malombe rose to power phenomenally in 2013 riding on the wings of veteran politicians who supported his bid as the first governor of Kitui County.

The Kitui county governor broke no sweat to bag the win but four years later fame seems to have gotten the best of him.

Many have accused the governor of discrimination and selective development promising to punish him come 2017.

The governor is said to have employed his relatives in the county government with big contracts being awarded to his cronies this has left many residents disappointed.

A keen fan recently posted a message on social media reminding Malombe of his little beginnings before fame floored him and warned him of being too forgetful while election year is just around the corner.

“Malombe! Niwoolilwe ni kula waumie! Oolwa ni kula weendete! Oolwa akasyokea andu! Oolwa ni andu ala mai itui syake! Oolwa ni ndeke wakomboewe ni Musila siasani! Oolwa na niwoolilwe! Nguma syamusumbika! Na yu musyi nukwinukywa 2017!!.” The message read.

What is your take? Has Malombe delivered?

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