My rivals say I have fallen short of people’s expectations while they have no legacy. Malombe

Kitui County Governor Julius Malombe

Kitui County governor Julius Malonbe has slammed his gubernatorial competitors saying they are afraid to face-off with him after they skidded a live TV interview on Monday where all the governorship aspirant had been invited to shed light on Kitui leadership.

The governor said that the two aspirants Kitui County Senator avid Musila and Former Lands CS Charity Ngilu have more moral right to say he has not delivered to the people since despite their long service in leadership they have little to show.

“My rivals say I have fallen short of people’s expectations while they have no legacy to show despite having been in power for decades.” Malombe noted. “ Most parts where my detractors were in charge remained underdeveloped until inception of devolution in 2013,” he added.

Dr. Julius Malombe said he has done so much in a very little time and bigger things are yet to come for the people of Kitui. He said his government has so far undertaken over 3,000 water, roads, healthcare, trade and education projects across the vast county aimed at improving people’s lives and restoring their lost dignity.

The governor added that the county hopes to ensure that all households in the county lie within less than two kilometers of water points as we strive to improve the situation of water scarcity.

“Devolved system of governance is still in infancy and therefore taking root gradually. It is therefore premature for somebody to say devolution has not benefited Kenyans at all,” The governor said during the interview with KTN News.

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