“I missed KTN interview because i was away.” Ngilu clears the air

Former Land CS Charity Ngilu

By @Antoh_Muinde | KituiOnline

Hon. Ngilu has dispelled riumours that she did not turn up for the KTN interview on Monday to avoid a face-off with the incumbent governor Malombe has it had been alleged.

Malombe’s people were speculating that Former land CS Charity failed to attend Interview on KTN on 29th because Governor Malombe was also invited.

KituiOnline did some investigations we have confirmed that when KTN called Ngilu she said that on the said date she was out of Nairobi on another agenda and she requested for the interview to be postponed.

We also reached Hon. Ngilu on the same, and it was clear that she didn’t turn down the invitation. In addition she wasn’t aware that Musila and Malombe were also invited.

“I wish they were here with me so that I could set the record straight and respond to their concerns about my performance one-on-one,” Dr Malombe said during the interview with Ben Kitili.

Governor Malombe said that his government had achieved a lot in three years alone expressing confidence that he will get an automatic re-election.

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