Patients forced to sleep outside hospital gate at Mwingi Level IV

Helpless patients lay around the main entrance to Mwingi Level 4 Hopsital on Tuesday.

Shame as patients spend night in the cold outside Mwingi Level IV Hospital main entrance. The ailing patients who had come seeking medical attention were sadly chased away in the evening for lack of sleeping space inside the hospital.

Mwingi residents were shocked to learn of the news on Tuesday night. Some of the patients who slept outside the hospital were very sick under the care of their accompanying relatives and caretakers.

After making some inquiry from the hospital management, the reason given was that there were no space to take in more patients as the beds were already full.

An insider intimated to KO that some of patients were even sharing beds.

One caretaker John Mwanduka who was accompanying his uncle suffering from a severe migraine from Nuu ward said they were told that his case was minor and he would only be handled the next day.

This act has spiked a huge debate on the social media with residents expressing bitterness with hospital management and majorly with the county government.

Many have wondered how the county would invest in a 7 million hospital gate instead of expanding bed capacity and improving the hospital facilities. This is definitely a case of misplaced priorities.


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