Two matatus torched by angry residents after killing three children and living one totally disabled.

The two Matatus have been burned to ashes by the residents.

An early morning accident has caused death of three school going children and left one totally disabled after two rival matatus that ply Tseikuru-Mwing route were caught up in catch 22 fighting for who would take the lead on their Friday morning routine.

The incident that happened at around 7.00am suddenly pulled a huge crowd as the drivers vanished into thin air, the furious residents saddened by the happenings retaliated by set setting on fire the two matatus, they have since being razed to ashes.

The occurred near Kandwia Town Centre along Kyuso-Mwingi road, involving a Itumba Bus 069A which was overtaking the other matatu Makandara bus KAR 025D before they knocked causing the accident.

“This matatus have caused a lot of disaster to the residents of Mwingi north with deaths being reported so often since they commenced their business here, the drivers have been competing for money at te expense of the passangers and pedestrians playing hide and seek game along Kamuw’ongo-kyuso -, tsekuru route. They deserve to be punished” A disappointed resident Mwambu told KO on phone.

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The bodiesd of the three kids that die on the spot have been taken to Mwingi Level 4 Hospital as the other one has since been admitted and receiving medical attention.

Two of the three that died are said to belong to one parent while the one was their neighbours child, they who were on their way to school when they were suddenly hit by the matatu and with three dying on the spot, the other lucky child that escaped death by a whisker sustained critical injuries to his legs.

There has been rampant cases of same matatus causing frequent reckless accidents and close to ten people have lost their lives as a result this year alone.

Residents have also accused the owners of the matatus of using dark power to keep their business afloat and using innocent residents as bates.

Residents say their are fed up with the matatus' cat fights
Residents say their are fed up with the matatus’ cat fights


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