Kitui East will be a hotbed of politics come 2017


By Jane Kasyoka | KituiOnline – Nzambani ward

There’s competition in Kitui East leadership because the people are torn in between voting in a veteran Mulaimu and the new young blood(nimrod) so as to ensure lower easterners don’t get marginalized in terms of resources.

From upper east we have kitute and muluvi who are both from nzambani ward,they are actually neighbors.

Now considering new political developments there seems to be a few other aspirants from lower east who may be eyeing the seat(overcrowding)the lower East. The votes may be scantily divided amongst Mulaimu, Nimrod and the new emerging aspirants.This gives kitute and muluvi a better chance of scooping better votes from their side of course,plus those from lower east too.

Kitute is riding on his fame and the charity works he has been doing dishing out money in harambees to raise fees for the less fortunate, building classrooms ,under his foundation kitute foundation. It is also said that his motorcade of cars can literally scare opponents out of a campaign.

The incumbent,Hon Major Muluvi,is banking on his record of performance on the development projects he has managed to initiate in his tenure. He is also enjoying the good riddance that his affiliation to wiper has offered him and this is ukambani we’re talking about.

Some Kitui easterners feel that the seat has been on the upper east for long and are actually trying to caucus a way of discouraging the overcrowding with lower East aspirants.”if you don’t swallow your pride,you’re all gonna choke together “. Therefore, word has it that Nimrod may step down for Mulaimu and support him in turn. Numbers don’t lie,oh boy,they don’t lie. Who knows, this could probably be some light at the end of the tunnel for lower easterners. In that case,the entire Kitui East will have a choice like no other.

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