Mwingi sub-county is not in Kitui County

Governor Malombe

By Guest Commentator from Mwingi

Let me provide you with a little information for our consumption. Kitui County has ten (10) county ministers out of which 4 come from Mwingi sub-county and 6 from kitui sub-county. There are 12 Chief Officers (COs) with 3 from Mwingi and 9 from kitui. Out of the 30 directors 11 come from Mwingi and 19 from Kitui.

In the public service board, out of 7 members only Bridget come from Mwingi, the rest are from Kitui. In the Governor’s office, after resignation of political advisor, there is no senior staff from Mwingi. The County secretary, his deputy, the Economic Advs, chief of staff, the two assistant county secretaries are all from kitui (kitui central subcounty) mostly Kyangwithya west ward)

The secretary to County secretary comes from mwingi, the Deputy Governor’s secretary is from Mwingi, the Tea gal in Governor Malombe’s office is from mwingi, secretary who is shared by the economic adviserand political advisor then and chief of staff is from mwingi.

The driver to chief of staff is also from mwingi….the list is endless. Our Ministers were given tourism, culture and ICT/cooperative ministries which have no votehead! Then the chief officers from mwingi were given the same ministries! What am I implying here? Has Mwingi been fairly treated, given its right share in Malombe regime so far??

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