Alarming: Is this why road carnage in Mwingi North has remained untamed?

    Vehicle that was razed down in Mwingi North after it killed three children last Friday.

    An aspiring Mwingi North leader has revealed a few reasons why road carnage along Mwingi-Tseikuru road has become a thorn in the flesh for the residents.

    The latest death of three young school-going children has left bitter taste in the mouths of many, with residents resorting to burn two vehicles accused of causing the carnage, but one aspirant Mbangula thinks there is more than meets the eye.

    The aspirant condoled with the families and wrote a moving message that has gone viral after it was first posted on a MN whatsapp group.

    “My fellow people of Mwingi north, today marks one of the saddest moment in our history especially when we have to forcefully come into terms with the news of untimely death of three school going kids.

    I extend my heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of the Kwa- Kathukya road accident. My people you need to recall recently, two lives were lost on the same area through road accident involving one of the matatus.
    We as leaders came and condoled with the bereaved families and the episode ended after the funeral.

    I thought elected leaders had taken up the matter to a better if not bitter conclusion just to realise later the sweet words spoken during funerals were made to massage our anger.

    Just ask yourself what action was taken after the recent death of the bodaboda boys? The matter went silent as if nothing had happened.

    I strongly reiterate here that we do not have to experience such senseless accidents on our roads caused by reckless driving and lawlessness.

    The many accidents are signs that the area leadership is not willing to do anything to protect lives of our people.

    I believe our leaders are not determined to stop these killings in whichever way possible. I wonder whether this matter was even raised in any of our representatives houses.

    I can say this is purely murder of our people as a result of deliberate failure by our leaders to act. Effective leadership minds and protects the dignity of the people governed.

    Carpeting the road and enhancing discipline on these roads may reduce some of the ugly accidents we are experiencing today. We demand meaningful action and not rhetorics to bring forth a lasting solution and if possible stop these careless accidents as soon as possible.”

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