Children desert school, flee for safety in Ngomeni.

Kitui Senator Musila console one of the victims at Ngomeni

Learning is completely paralyzed in Ngomeni, Mwingi North a week after all schools re-opened for the third term across the country and tension is high with no ray of hope for families who are slowly getting accustomed to spending cold nights in the forest for fear of bandit attacks.

Schools are deserted with no children in sight as many have taken to ‘safety’- the bushes. The mood around the town is creepy and fearful with attacks being reported too frequently.

Many families have now fled homes and set up temporary structures in the forest where they have to stand myriad of problems. The residents have to battle not only with food scarcity and water shortage but also mosquito invasion which has become a daily routine for the poor families.

The fate of the children of Ngomeni is now on the balance as no solution seems to be forth coming. Leaders have only been visiting and condoling with families but little effort has been put to restore security in the areas.

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Ngomeni has been the biggest victim of banditry in the recent past where over 80 people have died and scores injured and many families are living in the forest at the hands of Somali herders who have been raiding their homes and stealing cattle.

Residents say that the tension building up in Ngomeni is affecting their livelihoods and have called upon the government to reinforce security in the areas.

They decry that they have very few police officers at Ngomeni who are also lack transport as they have no response vehicle.

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