“Kitute team is unbeatable.” opponents looking for new ways to attack

Kitui East 'promising' parliamentary aspirant Mr. Miltonic Mwendwa.

As the political drumbeats continue to sound louder ahead of the 2017 general elections, strategy is becoming key and Kitui East is indeed among the major constituencies to watch in Kitui County as campaigns continue to gain momentum.

Among the aspirants is a renown politician and philanthropist one Miltonic Mwendwa aka Kitute who lost to the sitting MP in 2013 and has vowed to claim his place by unseating the incumbent MP.

Kitute who is now trying his second bet at the parliamentary seat in Kitui East has sworn to bring the crown home.

He is said to be the man to watch in 2017 as he is quickly gaining a huge following since he commenced his campaigns few months ago. The speedy popularity is already sending chills to the other aspirants including the sitting MP Major Muluvi.

Different parliamentary aspirants are now playing cheap politics to taint the name of the emerging threat, Mr. Miltonic. Many are now investing in political advisers and PAs who are using all means possible to counter Kitute’s efforts and make their candidates stand out.

The politicians have resorted to using crude means to counter popularity of their big time opponent.

The aspirants including the incumbent Major Gen. Muluvi and Nimrod Mbai are already feeling the heat from Mr. Miltonic. Both Nimrod and Muluvi are said to be afraid of Kitute and the reasons are obvious.

Close source in both Muluvi’s and Nimrod’s team intimated to us that strategists have been restless as Miltonic Mwendwa famously known as Kitute is leaving no unturned stone in his campaign.

In the last three weeks cards are really playing to Kitute’s favour. Lower Eastern parts of Kitui East such as Kaliku, Voo, Kyamatu are singing to his music and shifting camps,this is definitely not auguring well with his opponents.

Hon. Muluvi, the incumbent area MP is said to have gone to an extent of using his security details and PA one Mr. James Kalelu to create a fake WhatsApp group by the name Kitute Team, which is being used to troll Miltonic’s name with abusive conversations.

“The same team is disguised as campaigners of Kitute but instead using abusive messages on the social media to attack him.” An insider said. But Kitute is likely to give the other aspirants a good run for their money in the 2017 polls.

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