Meet Malombe’s untouchable employee

The untouchable: Nancy Mulandi - Assistant Director in Governor's office.

By @Antoh_Muinde | KituiOnline

In the past we have witnessed county boss sack FIVE county officials on corruption allegation where he also gave press release on the same. Governor Malombe promised his residents that he will fight corruption and related vices to the letter.

What changed if not 2017 politics. I have no doubt to say that Governor Malombe is the one planting and watering corruption in his farm – Kitui Counnty for reasons best known to him.

Touch one Nancy Mulandi – Assistant Director in Governor’s office and you will be in hot soup. Whatever she gives/does to the master we know not. If not the work she does in Governor’s office no one else can do it in Kitui County.

Public Service Board wrote a letter to Governor’s office requesting for her suspension pending investigation. This is after a computer containing 2013/14 tenders disappeared under her watch. She is daughter of Ruth Mulandi, County chair Maendeleo ya wanawake, one of the biggest beneficiary of County tenders.


Instead the Governor took this special employee to Mombasa to a retreat meant for MCAs, Ministers and Chief officers. She falls in non of these categories

Nancy Mulandi enjoying her break first during a past event
Nancy Mulandi enjoying her break first during a past event


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