Musila’s ship could be a sinking one

Senator David Musila and Kitui Youth Chairman Aggrey Nzomo join in dancers during a function in Kitui over the weekend.

What comes to your mind when you hear the name David Musila? No wait do not answer yet, your answer will all depend on your political alignment to either of the candidates vying for the gubernatorial seat in Kitui county.

The Musila’s team seems to be employing wrong tactics to grab attention and push its agenda, many have come out to disapprove the political gimmick being used by the Musila enthusiasts saying they are poor and ill-adviced.

Musila’’s team is said to take the lead in abusive politics and in recruiting top propagandist as a strategy for the 2017 general elections win.

These tactics seem to be down playing Musila’s efforts to garner as many followers as possible with many harboring feeling that Musila does not carry the interests of Kitui people in his heart.

These sentiments have been echoed by Kitui Township MCA who wrote on a political group “People who support Musila here have their own interest not Kitui people interest. Well let me inform you that Musila will not be the next Kitui governor, take that to the nearest bank &deposit”.

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