A Kitui county Assembly worker vomiting on shoes of his masters


A senior Kitui County Assembly officer has been rubbing his colleagues the wrong way his bragging utterances and habits, thanks to corruption.

The officer who has seen most of relatives secure all the top jobs in the assembly has become a nuisance according to the junior officers.

”The boss has been telling us that he can give every worker in the assembly including MCAs sh.1m and still remain with Millions enough to purchase all the landmark buildings in Kitui town“ said the officer who sought anonymity.

The officer was recently overheard chest thumping how he managed to cheaply manipulate a section of MCAs not to vote for a motion that sought to implicate him with corruption last year.

Last year, the officer was fiercely fought by an opposition MCA for giving jobs to his relatives and neighbours from Mwingi.

Our mole has intimated KO that the officer has been paying a ghost worker in the name of a driver .

Here at KO we recommend for serious scrutiny at the Kitui county assembly public service as these public money-hungry officers have taken advantage of the attention given to the executive arm to loot ‘our money’

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