Exposed: A group of 5 ladies from Kitui pejoratively flaunting their feminism.


At first, I thought the idea of empowering women to be independent and respectable members of society was very good, especially in a suburban set up such as in Kitui.Of concern is the recent rise of a certain “breed” of 5 ladies from Kitui who have an outright show of their own philosophy of empowerment, to me they actually seem to be terrible feminists.

Who are the women that are actually mentoring this young blood? Because something is actually going wrong with our daughters.Now we have ladies of substance but who cannot actually uphold “kithio kya mukamba”, ladies who do not believe in submission to men and provision by a man.I actually pity whoever will consider proposing to any of the ladies in that particular group.I am too tempted to mention some names and especially the ring leader ,but that is a story for another day.

Now some people are going to imagine that this is a hater or a chef for a cheap thrill story just to make news in Kitui ,but I am writing from a personal encounter with this particular click of kituian ladies.however they are not very common to bump into along the streets of the small town but once in a while you will spot them in social places just the 5 of them or sometimes 3 of the crew ,very arrogant only to men.And when they land in a place that has some music playing ,they will request for their favourite song ” ain’t your mama,by Jeniffer Lopez”.

Dear ladies you know yourselves, even as you strive to be up there and desire equality with men,please go slow,you still need men,you will need us to marry you,you will need us to father your kids,you will need us to satisfy your humanly natural needs,you need us.

We will let you be ,but avoid bruising our ego.
This is for the good of our future women of Kitui county.Let’s make a little heaven down here.

-writer’s name withheld.

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