Hooligans extorting motorists in the name of protest along Mwingi –Tseikuru road

Police have since intervened.

Some hooligans in Mwingi North purporting to be sympathizers of the families that lost three children last Friday in a tragic road accident along Mwingi Tseikuru road have come up with crude tecnic of making some easy cash from the motorists using the road.

Most road leading to the interiors of Mwingi North have been barricaded by the disguised mourners, who claim to be punishing the two matatus that ply along the road and were involved in the accident.

They had blocked the main route Kandwia –Kyuso road and the alternative route throrugh Itivanzou, making the roads impassable. The guys are said to have been carrying machetes and pangas camping by the roadside.

Not only did they punish two PSVs but also private and probox taxis have also found themselves victims, with the hooligans charging them money to allow them through. A Probox was being charged Kshs.150/=, personal car 100/= and Bodaboda 50/= one of the motorists said.


Yesterday Ngura Stars staff used the Itivanzou route and found youths blocking road at Itivanzou and had to give some cash to be cleared to pass. Other vehicles had to use the long Kyuso-Ngaaie-Nguni route, I think this is so stressful and something should be done.” A disappointed resident said.

“Who incited these youth to block the roads and burn vehicles? He retorted. The police have since intervened after the general public raised an alarm.

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