Jubilee Party deploys 300M on launch; Narc misses in new merger.

A newly acquired Jubilee Party bus that will be used for campaigns

Jubilee deploys millions of shillings in preparation for the grand Jubilee merger launch for political merry-making and pre-election swagger.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto are said to have put about Kshs 300 million to prepare for the launch.

Campaign workers, including a digital team, will be issued with specially configured cell phones and will be required to communicate mostly by e-mail. 47 Prados have been set aside for all county chairmanship.

The launch will be happening on Saturday amid huge criticism form opponents who have been opposing the merge saying that merging which comprises of 13 political parties is leading the country away from democratic rule of state law and back to authoritarianism.

The political parties already folded up and have since joined in the formation of Jubilee Party.
They include Unity Party of Kenya (UPK), Republican Congress Party of Kenya (RC), Grand National Union (GNU) and Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP).

Others are Alliance Party of Kenya (APK), United Democratic Front (UDF), New Ford Kenya, The National Alliance (TNA) and United Republican Party (URP).

The NARC party led by former Lands Cabinet Secretary, Charity Ngilu which formed the Jubilee coaltion in 2013 is however conspicuously missing NARC withdrew over unknown reasons.

Many have criticized the Jubilee government for dismal performance saying the coalition’s 2013 pillars have remained underachieved.

Uwazi, Uchumi and Umoja as they were each of the three is in tatters and the dream of Kenyans toward these pillars has diminished.

But the Jubilee coalition seem to be on a take- off mode and will hear none of these critics.

47 Prados have been procured and branded for campaign.
47 Prados have been procured and branded for campaign.
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