Local bars conspiring to rip hustlers’ pockets apart.

Guarana Smirnoff the girls' 'soft' drink.

Have you gone to a club on a bad day when you are working on a tight budget and wondered why you had to bump into your former high school mate or even worse your long lost college girlfriend?

Even worse she spots you first and because you are still the gentleman she knew, you give her a warm embrace and grudgingly pull a chair for her even though you are sure your pockets are in doubt.

Remember you only had a few coins in your wallet, you were hoping to enjoy some good time for an hour or so before she came, the waiter walks across and asks her to make an order, this is the point you pray she already converted and you console yourself that she will only ask a pocket friendly drink like a soda or a bottle of water but alas! Without hesitation she confirms your fears and calls for a Guarana Smirnoff.

At this point you feel robbed, as if that is not enough the waiter brings not one but two bottles, that is the point you begin to fear for your dear life, a few dollars are escaping your already complaining pocket.

On a typical take away wines and spirit shop the bottle goes for only Kshs 120 including some supermarkets but in the local bar you will part with Kshs 200 for each bottle.

This is when you forget you were catching up with your long lost friend and enjoying your one-round beer and start silly questions start to linger in your mind.

You begin to question who the hell made it as a rule that in local bars, the price of this bottle should be Kshs 200 and must come in two’s? Why the hell you stepped out in a popular joint with hollow wallet? Or even why you had to be the hustler?

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