Exposed: How millions of Kitui county public funds end up in individual pockets

Kitui County Governor Julius Malombe

The county government is working with selected suppliers who have mastered the art of ripping the county kitty of millions in a rather fashionable way.

When the Kitui Governor appeared before the senate audit committee, it was revealed that the county using the suppliers own negotiated price to hike prices with no competitive biddings especially in the purchase of county vehicles without following the government set procedure.

Not only did the county government flaunt the procurement laws but also according to the auditor’s report the Kitui county government bought two Nissan Pathfinders at an exaggerated cost.

The two vehicles cost Kshs 13.6 Million meaning each was worth Ksh 6.8 Million while a brand new Nissan pathfinder is simply supposed to be just Ksh 2.5 Million shillings. It was not clear how the price was arrived at since there were no competitive biddings.

Simple mathematics will show you that 4.3 Million shillings was added, thus for the two vehicles the sum adds up to Ksh 8.6 million shilling of public money sunk into the usual porous pockets.

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This was one highlighted case for just two vehicles, giving a hint on the unscrupulous business happening in our dear county. The county could be drained to its deathbed if the electorates will not reconsider.


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