Flamboyant Jubilee cannot match Wiper’s newest swagger. (Photo)

acquired 47 Prados all fully branded with Jubilee party colours and symbols. These will be spread all over the country

Uhuruto party turned Jubillee party after a merger of over ten political parties is not the only one turning heads in town and creating a spectacle.

As Jubilee shocks Kenyans and continues to trend with mega office building and fuel guzzlers meant to prepare for a vigorous campaigns across the country, the Wiper party leader and his crew were also not left behind and were busy doing their flashy branding too.

A chopper and high end vehicles branded with Wiper Party colors were doing rounds on social media with many cracking jokes over the timely unleashing of the branded photos.

Former VP Kalonzo Musyoka who is the Wiper party leader and a co-principal for Cord coalition is expected to start his countrywide campaign tour on Sept 8 as the new baby Jubilee Party launches on Sept 10.

Is this what we call a well laid political strategy or its mere coincidence?

Wipers showry branding
Wipers showry branding
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