Malombe heading to Jubilee fearing he could be rigged out of Wiper.

Jubilee Party is the newest political party that has merged over 10 parties.

Political analysts have alluded to a possibility where the Kitui Senator David Musila could be the preferred gubernatorial candidate to run on the wiper ticket leaving the Kitui County governor Malombe in the cold, high and dry.

The analyst say in such ineventuality Malombe will be left with no option but to pack and go, being forced to surrender his bid in defending his governorship position.

Speculations are rife with many saying the only viable option for the two rivals, is if the umbrella party Wiper will engage the two competing party members in a round-table to ensure one contender surrenders to the other for the sake of the party.

If that does not work, then Malombe can only be wiser and make the necessary shift to another party to secure a place at the ballot paper.

“The options for the incumbent governor are limited and he needs to move fast, he has to decamp from Wiper early enough.” An observer said.

With the latest clause on political parties bill passed by the National Assembly, politicians will be forced to choose their parties at least 90 days to the elections, placing restrictions on changing parties close to the elections.

Thus it will be impossible for the incumbent to shift camps once he misses the Wiper party ticket during nominations.

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