MP Rachel Nyamai had paid 10M for a piece of the disputable 134 acre Karen Land.

Rachael Kaki Nyamai, Kitui South MP.

Kitui South MP Rachel Nyamai was among the prominent people whose names had appeared in the mix of the disputable 134 acres of Karen land valued at 8 billion, but has since won a case against a suspected land con who had promised to secure a piece of the land for her at a cost of 30million.

The court cleared the MP of any wrong doing and ordered the suspect one James Mbaluka to refund 10 million received from the MP plus an interest of 2 million to the MP. Milimani Commercial Courts Magistrate David Mburu ordered the suspect to refund the said amount.

Mr. James allegedly received the money from the MP with the understanding that he would help her acquire a piece of the huge junk Karen land.

The MP later sensed mischief after she wired the deposit of 10m to the accused account. James is said to have changed his attitude and started avoiding her.


On June 25, 2014 the MP says she had sale agreement signed before a lawyer and thereafter she deposited the money to the suspect’s account. James is said to have claimed to be acting on behalf of one Joseph Kamuya Maitha who was the registered owner of the land.

To declare all doubts, Mbaluka had even gave the title for the MP to verify if the land was genuine and unoccupied only to learn later that she had been a victim of a con in a conspiracy transfer of the disputable Karen land.

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