See how a local MP aspirant appetite for nunu is ruining his campaign.

The aspiring MP eats girls' in exchange for other goodies including vitenge.

A Kitui county parliamentary aspirant is suddenly losing supporters to other camps for being ill-mannered and unable to tame his appetite for stolen nunu, he is said to be exchanging the forbidden fruit like underwear.

Taxi drivers and bodaboda riders say they are sick and tired of called to pick hookers from his home at wee hours of the night.

“Huyu jamaa akitupa pesa tukule, but tusimpe kiti.” A KO sources recently overheard a conversation among taxi drivers who were disapproving the aspirant’s sickening manners.

Most his fans have gotten a wind of what is happening and a huge a group which has defected to opponents
‘s team. The opponent’s team which has an upper hand anyway is now is growing bigger day and night.

People say they are rather tired of his empty promises, saying they cannot trust him with the CDF kitty with his huge hungriness for women. They have also accused him of ignoring his fans and even his own people.

“A leader is known by how he is treating people around him, he is misusing people and he never appreciate his own people’s efforts.” A former enthusiast said.

“Chips funga has become his lifestyle, winning ladies by bringing them Kitenge fabric from Nigeria from where he runs most of his business.” A close source that has since decamped intimated to KO.

His PA had caught up in an ugly heated argument with another lady. They seemed to be exchanging bitter remarks and it was not clear what had conspired between them. Well, your guess is as good as ours.

People on the ground are now preferring the incumbent MP, many voters say the guy is just but wasting his resources.Even though the aspirant is trying his luck at the MP seat for the second time.

In another conversation this PA was asked the whereabouts of her boss and she replied in a rather absurd statement. “Ask his PA or him directly.” She wrote. Something is terribly wrong.

What is happening to this businessman turned politician? People indeed have reasons to lose faith in him.

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