Churches reaping billions of shillings from tithes and offerings.

The inside of the Billion Winners Chapel church

Following the introduction of the Religious Society Rules by Attorney General Githu Muigai in 2015 churches have been compelled to be accountable and self-regulated by declaring their gross earning income each year.

The 2015 financial reports declared by the top five churches in Nairobi are quite dumbfounding. The churches are said to have made over 2 billiin shillings in income from tithes and offerings.

Christ Is the Answer Ministry (Citam), which has 15 branches across the country and also runs a five schools under their name, attained a leading figure of Sh 1 billion collected in offerings and tithes.

Nairobi Chapel got a total income of Sh. 440 million, while the All Saints Cathedral Church made Sh 190 million. Mavuno Church made up to Sh 290 million whereas Nairobi Baptist Church received Sh 90 million from its congregants.

This is the first ever financial statement of its kind since the law was passed in 2015. The new rules also require clerics to submit certificates of good conduct and their theological training certificates, all religious organizations submit their constitution showing statement of their doctrine of faith.

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The rules affect imams, pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders.

The regulations are to help streamline churches following a public outcry and to hold religious leaders accountable to their flock, probably now it’s time the churches accounted on how this humongous amounts are utilized within the churches.

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