Kitui Deputy Governor vows to unseat her boss

Kitui Deputy Governor Peninnah Malonza eyeing the Governors seat.

Just like most deputy governors in the country Kitui’s DG Peninnah Malonza has declared interest to unseat his boss Julius Malombe. Ms. Malonza who was Malombe’s running mate in 2013 has decided to go for the seat currently held by her boss, a move political pundits say will change the game completely.

Though she has not officially announced her bid it is believed that she will be doing it in a few weeks’ time.

Some analysts say that her candidature is going to favour the undecided lot and youth given that the other three candidates on the run are quite of age having hit their sixties already.

Her entry into the scene is likely to shake the Kitui Senator David Musila’s camp which is full, with youth being the majority , the youth are likely to shift to her camp because she is quite youthful just slightly above the youth bracket.

Malonza’s close ally who sought anonymity intimated to KO that they arrived at the decision after seeing that majority of Kitui people are yearning for fresh and younger leaders.

Her bid is believed to have sent shockwaves in all camps with majority now changing their plans to counter the newest threat.

The biggest loser of this declaration is believed to be the incumbent governor Malombe who is said to have used Malonza as punching bag owing to their rocky relationship in the past.

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