Just when we thought we had sung the song long enough, then this happens (Photos)

Garbage next to Jordan hospital

Smelly garbage in Kitui town is not anything new to the residents, in fact it would come as a surprise if one day you woke up and you found your garbage site with no pungent heaps of dirt as it always is.

This makes Kitui the dirtiest town in the county, Kitui town would has no competitor when it comes to dirt menace. It is quite shameful that a smaller town like Mwingi would beat the county headquarter.

But wait today we will not requesting our honorable Town Administrator to send his people to collect the garbage because he never does anyway.

Today we only want to ask our boss one simple question? But before that.

In our newest series of investigations we have gathered grueling information that had our hearts sink for a minute.

On Thursday 8th September at around 1pm a county government tractor was spotted inside one of the biggest hotels in town twice collecting garbage.

Not to forget that the neighboring estate near Jordan Hospital, 30 meters from the hotel is full of uncollected garbage and stinking waste.

An employee of the hotel who sought to remain anonymous for their safety said “Serikali na hii Hoteli ni kitu kimoja, kanju hawaokoti takataka kwa hoteli ingine ile”.

Our investigation team indeed learnt that the hotel management and garbage collectors are tight and just a call away.

When we tried to request for their contact to ask them for the same service they said they do not that.
So Mr. Town Admin, how would a personal business venture be prioritized at the expense of taxpayers livelihoods.



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