Rest In Peace Narc, Rainbow party send off at a tune of 500 million.

The National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) leader Charity Ngilu

Unconfirmed rumours have it that yesterday August 8 delegates meeting held at Kasarani auditorium included the Narc National Executive Council who marked a bitter moment for the death of a long lived National Rainbow Coalition and a beginning of a totally new political fabric.

The Charity Ngilu led party Narc is alleged to have dissolved clandestinely to join the Jubilee Party merger, a move that has attracted varied reactions from die-hard supporters of the party.

On Thursday NARC delegates are said to have been at Kasarani to sign engagement documents ahead of the grand merger the highly publicized and hyped Jubilee Sept 10 launch.

Kambas especially from Kitui already were disappointed by the news and felt short-changed by Jubilee. The word on the street is that Narc was sold at a tune of 500million to the Jubilee Party and clearly the offer was too irresistible.

It is alleged at the time of suspension of the Narc’s leader from Jubilee administration Kitui residents had hardly felt the impact of Uhuru’s administration.

Her moving back to government, therefore is a betrayal to her people and a move that will bring more harm than good. It will be a challenge for her to thrive in a Wiper zone.

Ngilu has since disowned the allegation saying she has not moved to the Jubilee party as had been earlier speculated my media outlets.

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