SKM has failed to unite Kambas

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka

Author: @Antoh_Muinde

The latest wrangles and public attacks involving Wiper Party insiders and most of which is witnessed by the residents is slowly sending the wrong signals to its people, a party the Kamba nation has held too tight is at the verge of losing its place as the party leader seems unable to solve the problem.

Kalonzo Musyoka, the Wiper party leader who has served in different governments under different capacities has proved either unwilling or unable to solve the grudge between two of his senior members.

The Kamba unity that has prevailed for more than 15 years ago is not the same unity we have today. It has really disparaged for reasons we all can guess.

If care is not taken then a huge rift is expected to form within the Kambaland political fabric.

Uncertainty on the fate of the wiper nomination results might scare Kambas away from the party as speculations are rife that the party might have their preferred candidateto carry the governor’s flag in Kitui county.

It is rather silently been said that Kitui Senator David Musila who is also the Wiper Chairman and who has expressed an interest in the gubernatorial position would be given a ‘direct nomination’.

If that’s the case then people supporting Governor Malombe would feel betrayed and will want to retaliate with biting back the party with a high likelihood that the whole Kamba support that Wiper enjoys will now be split at the centre.

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