What my 86 year-old granny would rather do than engage in politics.

Kitui Senator David Musila.

By Rachel Munanie | KituiOnline

Let us now be frank with ourselves now, it’s about time we hit nail on the head. Kitui Senator David Musila famously referred to as ‘Umau’ cannot and will not be able to handle the pressure that is in Governor’s desk. The pressure on this seat deserve a man with stamina, this you will agree with me diminishes with age that why Musila will not be our bet at governorship.

At 86 years granny to my dad, that is my great grand-dad who retired at only 60 after investing heavily on himself says he wants nothing to do with all day long phone calls, endless development planning sessions or even limitless investor meetings.

My great granny says there comes a time when you heed certain natural call and you must unfold your sleeves and retire home.You can work till you die.

I love Musila but I don’t want the man die early with pressure. If it’s possible I would strongly recommends he retires from politics. Since am not in a position to advise him then I wish him all the best.

In the past the incumbent Governor Malombe is on record telling his opponent who actually had been close friends for a long time before this devil of rival politics grabbed his mentor. He has advised his newest opponent to go for medical check-up to be sure he is pressure free as he understands the magnitude of the job.

The wearer of the shoe knows where it pitches the most,I suppose the old man should take heed of the words of his mentee.

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