Governor Malombe’s team ferries crowd and leaves them stranded at Museve Market.

Women listen in during a political baraza.

Over 200 women from Kwa-Ngindu were on Friday left stranded at Museve Market after they attended a governor’s meeting. The women said they had been ferried by the Ward administrator to form part of the crowd during the governor’s meeting and had been promised money, soda and bread but they got nothing.

The administrator is said to have disappeared into thin air immediately the function was over leaving the women stranded, when darkens began to set in they became making desperate calls but could not reach the administrator who had already gone into hiding.

Only to be rescued at around 10.00pm by a Kitui School bus that dropped them back to their home with empty pockets and hungry stomachs after a whole day of cheering the governor.

Many have criticized the governor for his ill habit of ferrying crowds to his meeting to create an impression of “man of the people” saying it is poor strategy.

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But this time round this went south, the women swore they will not to give the incumbent another chance saying they will vote him out in the next year’s elections and a wastage of resources.

“It is really a disgrace that the Governor uses his administrators to ferry women and feed them with sodas and loaves.” A concerned observer said. “This is a case of an artificial crowd whose promises were never fulfilled.”
It was bad indeed bad for the Ward Administrator to have locked himself in a bar and drunk himself lame when desperate women waited for him outside stranded and stressed.

“We request Malombe to stop mistreating the women and the people of Kitui and instead of share with them tenders that he gives his relatives to the women, as their constitutional right to acquire 30% contracts and empowered them rather than promising them loaves and sodas.” A critic of the county government observed.

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